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Wera 8006 C + 8797 Zyklop Hybrid Set contains a powerful 1/2" drive ratchet and an extension that double the length of the ratchet for twice the leverage. Wera 8006 C Zyklop Hybrid Ratchet is a slim headed, fine action ratchet with a robust 1/2” drive mechanism that allows the tool to be extended for double the leverage. Lightweight design for ease of use. 72 teeth deliver a 5° return angle for confined space working, aided by the slim nature of this tool. Via a simple bayonet fitting, the included Hybrid Extension can be inserted into the ratchet handle to deliver the leverage usually associated with 3/4” tools. For tool security, the ratchet features press-button socket lock/unlock. Wera - Inventors of Zyklop


8006 C 1 x 1/2"x281;8797 C 1 x 341.0x137;

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