Kraftform Kompakt VDE 7 Universal 1

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Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE interchangeable blade screwdriver set with 817 Kraftform VDE blade holding screwdriver handle.

KK VDE components undergo dielectric strength test under a 10,000-volt load in a water bath to reassure users that their screwdrivers have been exhaustively tested for their most important feature; their insulation. Each individual Wera VDE screwdriver and component is subjected to this test to guarantee safe working up to 1,000 volts. Both handles in this set feature Kraftform ergonomics; with hard gripping zones for high working speeds and soft zones ensuring comfort during intensive use and high torque transfer. For Kraftform Kompakt VDE blades: the handle/interchangeable blade system allows a rapid exchange of the blade and multiple applications. All VDE interchangeable blades are 154 mm in length.

Contained in a robust and lightweight pouch. Wera - Innovators.


817 VDE Handle: 1 x 9x102
KK 62 i Phillips Blades: 1 x PH 1x154; 1 x PH 2x154
KK 60 i Slotted Blades: 1 x 0,4x2,5x154; 1 x 0,6x3,5x154; 1 x 0,8x4,0x154; 1 x 1,0x5,5x154

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