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Wera Kraftform Kompakt Micro ESD screwdriver set, made for screwdriving jobs in the electrical and precision engineering sector.

Kraftform Kompakt Micro ESD screwdrivers satisfy what users need most from precision screwdrivers: speed, torque and precision. This Kraftform Micro ESD bit-holding handle obtains an electrical surface resistance of < 10^9 Ohm, securely protecting components against electrostatic energy and associated damage. The Halfmoon and HIOS drive, with quick-release chuck administers rapid bit change. Among this, the handle has various working zones (fast-turning, power, precision) - The fast-turning zone below the rotating cap allows for rapid twisting and fast working capabilities. The power zone with integrated soft zones near the blade tip ensures high torque transfer when loosening or tightening screws. The precision zone directly above the blade allows the user to find the right rotation angle easier during fine adjustment work.

1 Kraftform Micro ESD bit-holding handle with 11 blades, stored in a compact pouch, covering profiles: PH/TX/SL/HEX-PLUS.


1x 1013 Kraftform Micro ESD Handle: 1x97
3x 851/9 C Phillips: PH00x44; PH0x44; PH1x44
2x 867/9 C TORX®: TX 5x44; TX 6x44
3x 800/9 C Slotted: 0.23x1.5x44; 0.40x2.0x44; 0.50x3.0x44
2x 840/9 C Hex-Plus: 1.5x44; 2.0x44

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