Kraftform Kompakt 60 Torque 1.2 - 3.0 Nm

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Kraftform Kompakt has been designed to create a new generation of service tools, specially designed for mobility, flexibility and versatility.

This KK 60 Torque series offers powerful screwdriving capabilities. The Ergonomic Kraftform Handle has been designed to perfectly fit the hand, the hard and soft zones work together to provide fantastic grip and allow rapid twisting making screwdriving an ease. The torque range can be adjusted between 1.2 and 3.0 Nm. Adjustable in 0.10 Nm steps with easy to read scale values, torque value is simple to adjust without the need of any extra tools. The interchangeable bits system allows for rapid exchange of bits for working on a wide range of applications.

This set covers profiles and sizes PH1; PH2; PH3; PZ1; PZ2; PZ3; TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX30; 1.0x5.5;HEX 3.0 HEX 4.0; HEX 5.0; HEX 6.0.


7400 Adjustable Torque Handle: 1 x 7441x1/4"x1,2-3,0x155
851/4 Z Phillips: 1 x PH 1x89; 1 x PH 2x89; 1 x PH 3x89
855/4 Z Pozidriv: 1 x PZ 1x89; 1 x PZ 2x89; 1 x PZ 3x89
867/4 Z TORX® BO: 1 x TX 10x89; 1 x TX 15x89; 1 x TX 20x89; 1 x TX 25x89; 1 x TX 30x89
800/4 Z Slotted: 1 x 1,0x5,5x89
840/4 Z Hex-Plus: 1 x 3,0x89; 1 x 4,0x89; 1 x 5,0x89; 1 x 6,0x89

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