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Wera Click-Torque C 3 set 1, adjustable from 40-200 Nm, suitable for the automotive industry. 13 Piece set stored in a surface protecting, compact, robust textile box.

Click-Torque wrench in unmistakable, robust Wera design, with an ergonomic two component handle, for superior comfort and grip. Easy setting and saving of desired torque values, with audible and tactile clicks when adjusting values, backed up with an easy-to-read scale. The torque value is then secured via a locking system, avoiding any unwanted accidental torque adjustment when working. When the set torque value is reached, an audible and tactile release mechanism triggers, preventing any chance of the desired torque value from being exceeded. Exactly precise to ± 3% (as per DIN EN ISO 67892:2017-07), for accurate clockwise torque-controlled tightening, with 45-tooth reversible ratchet mechanism. 1/2" square drive, for direct attachment of sockets and bit sockets. Measuring range: 40-200 Nm.

Also included in the set are 4 Zyklop sockets with "Take it easy" tool finder, 4 TORX® bit sockets, 3 Hex-Plus bit sockets and 1 Zyklop wobble extension.


1x Click-Torque C 3 adjustable torque wrench, 1/2" square drive: (1x) 40-200 Nm
4x 8790 HMC Zyklop sockets: (1x) 10.0x37.0; (1x) 13.0x37.0; (1x) 17.0x37.0; (1x) 19.0x37.0
4x 8767 C HF TORX® Zyklop holding function bit sockets: (1x) TX 30x60.0; (1x) TX 40x60.0; (1x) TX 45x60.0; (1x) TX 50x60.0;
3x 8740 C HF Zyklop Hex-Plus holding function bit sockets: (1x) 6.0x60.0; (1x) 8.0x60.0; (1x) 10.0x60.0
1x 8794 SC Zyklop short extension: (1x) 1/2"x125

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