Bit-Check 7 Hex-Plus 1

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Robust Bit-Check by Wera. Bit-Checks provide a quick overview of the tools available. Bits not needed are simply reinserted into the set and do not get lost. Simple transportation e.g. in the shirt pocket. The Hex-Plus profile offers a greater contact surface in the head of the screw. The notching effect is therefore reduced to a minimum and damage to the screw head more or less eliminated. Tough viscous for universal use. Includes universal holder for the take-up of bits with 1/4" hexagon head drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3. Comes with quick-release chuck for rapid bit change; the strong permanent magnet holds the bits absolutely securely.


1x Bit-Check 7 Hex-Plus 1, 7 pieces; 1x 895/4/1 K Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 52 mm; 6x 840/1 Z bits: 2.0x25, 2.5x25, 3.0x25, 4.0x25, 5.0x25, 6.0x25

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