Bit-Check 10 Zyklop Mini BiTorsion 1

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Many tools in a minimum of space. The sorting according to drive and size allows rapid accessing of the bits. The Wera Mini ratchet: drop-forged, full-steel design. Fine-pitched mechanism with 60 teeth that allows a small return angle of only 6° for precise work. Simple left/right switchover. Ergonomically-designed ratchet head and lever.


Bit-Check 10 Zyklop Mini BiTorsion 1, 10 pieces:

1x 8001 A Bit Ratchet ¼": 1/4"x87.0;
2x 840/1 BTZ HEX bits: 4.0x25, 5.0x25;
2x 851/1 BTZ bits: PH 1x25, PH 2x25;
2x 855/1 BTZ bits: PZ 1x25, PZ 2x25;
3x 867/1 BTZ TORX® bits: TX 15x25, TX 20x25, TX 25x25



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