Bit-Check 10 Universal 2

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Wera Bit-check 10 Universal 2 general purpose bit set for drill/drivers, featuring a universal holder with quick-release chuck for rapid bit change. Wera Bit-Checks feature a compact design to safely store bits in a case that provides fast and easy tool selection. So slim it can fit into your pocket. Sorted by drive and size, tools are easy to locate and return to proper position, making missing products easy to identify. This 10 piece set includes 1/4" x 52 mm bit-holder and 9 x 25 mm bits covering profiles and sizes: PZ1;PZ2; TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX30; TX40.


895/4/1 K Bit-holder: 1 x 1/4"x52
855/1 TH Pozidriv: 1 x PZ 1x25; 2 x PZ 2x25
867/1 TORX®: 1 x TX 10x25; 1 x TX 15x25; 1 x TX 20x25; 1 x TX 25x25; 1 x TX 30x25; 1 x TX 40x25



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