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Wera Bit-Check 10 Impaktor 1, with Impaktor holder designed for compact and organized tool storage. The set contains the premium TriTorsion system - bits and holder; designed for use in all heavy duty machines, but specifically Impact Drivers. Utilising a unique combination of anti cam-out technology, special material, hardening and precision manufacture, Impaktor will absorb all of the damaging peak stresses associated with the impact power tools and dramatically extend service life. The Slim holder magnetises bits held within to provide screw-hold whilst allowing access into confined spaces. The Impaktor system is unrivalled in performance. Wera Bit-Checks feature a compact design to safely store bits and Bit-holders in a case that provides fast and easy tool selection. So slim it can fit into your pocket. Drive and size are colour coded for easy selection of the right bit. 10 piece, includes one 1/4"x 75mm Impaktor Bit-holder and 9 Impaktor IMP 25mm bits: 1x PH2; 1x PH3; 1x PZ2; 1x PZ3; 1x TX20; 1x TX25; 1x TX30; 1x 4.0, 1x 5.0.


897/4 Impaktor R: 1 x 1/4"x75
851/1 IMP DC Phillips: 1 x PH 2x25; 1 x PH 3x25
855/1 IMP DC Pozidriv: 1 x PZ 2x25; 1 x PZ 3x25
867/1 IMP DC TORX®: 1 x TX 20x25; 1 x TX 25x25; 1 x TX 30x25
840/1 IMP DC Slotted: 1 x 4,0x25; 1 x 5,0x25

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