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Wera Bicycle set 1, the compact screwdriving set for bicycle applications. Extremely mobile and compact thanks to it's textile folding pouch. Inside the pouch is the ultra-resilient Zyklop Mini 1 bit-ratchet, with a fine 60 tooth reversible ratchet mechanism that provides a small return angle of only 6°. Capable of withstanding up to 100Nm of torque, it could be the strongest mini bit ratchet on the market. Perfect for confined spaces, the Zyklop Mini 1 needs only 25 mm clearance when using 25 mm screwdriver bits. The grooved thumbwheel allows for rapid screwdriving, even in the most of compact spaces. Also included in the set is a universal bit holder, that can be used directly with the Zyklop Mini 1 for extra leverage; and also 10 screwdriver bits covering profiles and sizes most commonly used on bicycle applications.


1x 8001 A Zyklop Mini 1 Bit Ratchet ¼": (1x) 1/4"x87
1x 899/4/1 Universal Bit Holder: (1x) 1/4"x100
1x 851/1 Phillips Z bits: (1x) PH 2x25
2x 867/1 TORX® bits: (1x) TX 10x25; (1x) TX 25x25
7x 840/1 Hex-Plus Z bits: (1x) 2.0x25; (1x) 2.5x25; (1x) 3.0x25; (1x) 4.0x25; (1x) 5.0x25; (1x) 6.0x25; (1x) 8.0x25

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