Belt A 4 Zyklop socket set, 1/4" drive

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Product Description:

Wera Zyklop socket belt, featuring knurling at the base, for easy gripping even with oily hands. Incorporating an off-point drive, the sockets are designed for intensive use and are also guaranteed for production use with non-impact power tools. Take it easy tool finder colour coding makes selection of the required socket an ease. Stored on a robust textile belt, with a smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism that ensures secure storage and simple removal of the bit sockets. Supplied with a nonwoven reverse side and hook and loop strips for simple attachment e.g. to a wall, shelf, tool trolley and to the Wera 2go tool transport system.

Wera - Inventors of Zyklop.


9x 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" sockets: (1x) 5x23; (1x) 5.5x23; (1x) 6x23; (1x) 7x23; (1x) 8x23; (1x) 10x23; (1x) 11x23; (1x) 12x23; (1x) 13x23
Belt A 0/9: 39x238
Hook and Loop Fastener Strip: 30x200



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