967/9 TX Multicolour HF 1 L-key set with holding function

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Wera 967 SL TORX® Holding Function Multicolour BlackLaser L-key set for TORX® socket screws.

The Holding Function profile has been designed using an optimised geometry that allows a secure fit of the tool in the screw, subsequently working in tight assembly or disassembly situations become an ease and losing screws a thing of the past. A BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, extending service life. "Take it Easy Tool finder" with colour coding according to size allows simple and rapid identification of the required tool. The thermoplastic sleeve ensures the correct size is easy to recognise and the L-keys are easy to grip and comfortable to use, even at low temperatures.

Wear-resistant clip for increased durability.


Wera 967 SL TORX® Holding Function Multicolour BlackLaser L-key set: 9 Pieces

9 x 967 SL TORX® HF L-keys: TX 8 x 76 mm; TX 9 x 79 mm; TX 10 x 85 mm; TX 15 x 90 mm; TX 20 x 96 mm; TX 25 x 104 mm; TX 27 x 112 mm; TX 30 x 122 mm; TX 40 x 132 mm

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