967/9 TX HF 1 L-key set with holding function, BlackLaser

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Product Description:

Wera 967 L TORX® Holding Function BlackLaser L-key set, for TORX® socket screws.

The Holding Function profile has been designed using an optimised geometry that allows a secure fit of the tool in the screw, subsequently working in tight assembly or disassembly situations become an ease and losing screws a thing of the past.

BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, extending service life.

Laser-engraved size markings are wear-resistant and allow easy tool selection.


Wera 967 L/9 TORX® Holding Function BlackLaser L-key set in a two-component clip, 9 Pieces:

9x 967 L TORX® HF L-keys: 1 x TX 8x76; 1 x TX 9x79; 1 x TX 10x85; 1 x TX 15x90; 1 x TX 20x96; 1 x TX 25x104; 1 x TX 27x112; 1 x TX 30x122; 1 x TX 40x132



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