950/13 Hex-Plus Imperial 1 L-key set, Imperial, BlackLaser

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Wera Hex-Plus L-key set for imperial hexagon socket screws, stored in a wear-resistant clip for enhanced durability and secure storage of the L-keys. With unique Hex-Plus profile; that drives from the flats instead of the points, preventing the rounding out off screws, whilst allowing 20% further torque to be applied (Hex-Plus profile fits every standard hexagon socket head screw). On the long arm a ball-end allows for reliable working in difficult installation situations. BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, for a long service life.

13 Imperial L-keys covering sizes: 0.05"; 1/16"; 5/64"; 3/32"; 7/64"; 1/8"; 9/64"; 5/32"; 3/16"; 7/32"; 1/4"; 5/16"; 3/8".


13x 950 PKL inch: 0.05"x83*; 1/16"x91*; 5/64"x100; 3/32"x112; 7/64"x119; 1/8"x126; 9/64"x132; 5/32"x140; 3/16"x160; 7/32"x180; 1/4"x190; 5/16"x200; 3/8"x212
*Regular hexagon

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