9100 Guitar tool set

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9100 Guitar tool set, containing all the tools necessary for adjustment and maintenance repair work.

The set contains Wera Stainless Steel L-keys with Hex-Plus profile, which prevents the rounding our of hexagon socket screws. Wera Stainless Steel tools prevent the formation of extraneous rust. Also included is a 1/4" Kraftform bit-holding handle and a selection of 89mm Stainless Steel bits covering a range of profiles; Phillips, Hex-Plus and Slotted. The Kraftform bit-holding handle can also be used with the included 1/4" string crank and Wera Zyklop sockets, thanks to a 1/4" hex to 1/4" square socket adaptor. Completing the set is a Knipex string cutter, feeler gauge, input jacket and 2 picks in typical Wera design.


9100 Guitar Set, 27pc:

1x 815 R Rapidaptor Kraftform bit-holding handle
1x String crank attachment for Kraftform bit-holding handle
1x Feeler gauge, 13 sheets: 0.05 mm - 1 mm
1x Knipex string cutter
1x Input jacker to fit the output socket
1x 3800/1 TS Torsion Stainless Steel bit: 1.8 x 12 x 41 mm (for bridge bolts)
1x 3840/1 Hex-Plus bit: 0.05"x25 mm
1x 870/1 Adaptor: 1/4" Hex to 1/4" Square
1x 8790 HMA Zyklop socket: 10x23 mm
1x 8790 HMA Zyklop deep socket: 1/2"x50 mm
2x 3800/4 Stainless Steel slotted bits: 1x 0.6x3.5x89 mm; 1x 1.2x8.0x89 mm
2x 3851/4 Stainless Steel Phillips bits: 1x PH 1x89 mm; 1x PH 2x89 mm
9x 3950 PKL Hex-Plus Stainless Steel L-keys: 1x 1.5x90 mm; 1x 2.0x101 mm; 1x 2.5x112 mm; 1x 3.0x123 mm; 1x 4.0x137 mm; 1x 5.0x154 mm; 1x 1/8"x123 mm; 1x 5/32"x137 mm; 1x 3/16"x154 mm
2x Tool Rebel Picks
1x Metal Case

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