847/7 Set Combination Drill Bits Set

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847/7 Set Combination Drill Bits Set

This 7 piece comdrill bits set features a Rapidaptor bit-holder for rapid bit exchange of bits. HSS = High Speed Steel. Wera HSS bits feature excellent centring properties making them great for straightforward cutting and chip removal with precise return control and a low jamming risk.

Stored in a compact robust storage box, for easy transportation and finding of tools.


888/4/1 K Rapidaptor Bit-Holder: 1 x 1/4"x50
847 HSS Bits: 1 x 2,5x36,0; 1 x 3,3x39,0; 1 x 4,2x41,0; 1 x 5,0x44,0; 1 x 6,8x51,0; 1 x 8,5x59,0

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