827 T i Kraftform Turbo hand holder

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827 T i Kraftform Turbo hand holder

Many users would like to be able to carry out screwdriving processes faster without compromise. With a screwdriver that is precise, allows powerful screwdriving, and is much faster than a conventional screwdriver. A part time universal gear is the solution: integrated in the handle of the screwdriver, it significantly increases the working speed. The Kraftform Turbo accelerates the screwdriving in a purely mechanical way. The turbo function can either be switched on or off by pressing a button. Turning it off is recommended for fine adjustment and final tightening or loosening of a high torque screw. The robust steel design is maintenance-free and ensures a long product life. The Kraftform Turbo hand holder 827 T i and the individually tested (10,000v) Wera VDE interchangeable blades in the VDE version guarantee fast and safe working even under tension.


827 T i Kraftform Turbo hand holder, 9 x 125 mm

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