8100 SB VDE 1 Zyklop Ratchet set, insulated, switch lever, 3/8" drive, metric

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8100 SB VDE 1 Zyklop Ratchet set, insulated, switch lever, 3/8" drive, metric

Wera 8100 SB 1 Zyklop VDE socket set.

The all new Zyklop VDE ratchet is Wera's finest ratchet yet, 80 ultra-fine teeth allow for a small return angle of only 4.5°. Such a small stroke allows for fast and precise working in all situations. The extremely slim design of the Zyklop VDE ratchet makes working easy, even in confined spaces. A Ball lock mechanism ensures sockets and accessories are fitted securely, when you want to change a socket simply press on the release button and you can remove the socket efficiently. For users requiring frequent direction reversing, the ratchet features a "flick" switch which grants fast and easy change of direction. All VDE sockets and extensions offer increased safety thanks to a 2 component isolation. The yellow insulation core becomes visible in case of any damage to the outer red VDE insulation layer, to ensure safe working. The sockets and extensions also feature a ball stop groove which allows a secure fit into the Zyklop VDE ratchet. Stored in an incredibly compact textile box, with a smooth twist to unlock mechanism that ensures secure storage and easy removal of all sockets and extensions.

This Zyklop VDE socket set is the perfect tool set for safe working on electrical systems, the fully insulated design is rated to 1,000 volts in accordance with EN 60900:2012.


1x 8007 B VDE Zyklop Ratchet: (1x) 3/8"x222.0
14x 8790 B VDE Zyklop sockets: (1x) 6.0x46.0; (1x) 7.0x46.0; (1x) 8.0x46.0; (1x) 9.0x46.0; (1x) 10.0x46.0; (1x) 11.0x46.0; (1x) 12.0x46.0; (1x) 13.0x46.0; (1x) 14.0x46.0; (1x) 15.0x46.0; (1x) 16.0x46.0; (1x) 17.0x46.0; (1x) 18.0x46.0; (1x) 19.0x46.0
1x 8794 LB Zyklop VDE long extension: (1x) 3/8"x200
1x 8794 SB Zyklop VDE short extension: (1x) 3/8"x125

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