8100 SA 8 Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set with switch lever, 1/4" drive, metric

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8100 SA 8 Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set with switch lever, 1/4" drive, metric

Wera 28 piece Metric compact Ratchet & Socket Set in a clever fabric case, containing 1/4" Zyklop Metal Switch ratchet, sockets and accessories. Ideal for those on the move, this high quality, structured fabric case is a sharp contrast to traditional heavy metal or bulky plastic boxes. The tools inside are securely arranged in a way that allows the case to be closed into a compact form, allowing it to become a constituent part of a tool box - not a separate item - and allows easy tool selection.
The Wera Zyklop Metal Switch ratchet inside is designed for use in confined spaces, is slimmer than conventional ratchets and boasts a smaller head, but features a longer handle for increased leverage. Made from full metal (chrome molybdenum) - ensuring durability and the longest service life. For users requiring frequent direction reversing, it features a "flick" switch. Also features a secure socket or accessory locking function, for complete tool security. The ratchet boasts an ultra-fine 72 tooth mechanism with a tiny return angle of just 5°, achieved by a multi-tooth wedge spreading the load , and is immensely strong. The "sculptured" handle gives added comfort during intensive or high torque use. The Production Quality sockets are built to exceed the new ISO standard that offers the user the option to use them in battery, electric and air power tool applications as well as manual, hand operations, as long as impact is not used. A patented knurling around the socket base allows the finger rotation of free-running fasteners, even if coated in lubricant.


Wera 8100 SA 8 Zyklop Switch 1/4" Set, 28 Pieces:

1 x 8004 A Switch Ratchet: 1/4" x 141 mm
9 x 8790 HMA Sockets: 5 x 23 mm; 5.5 x 23 mm; 6 x 23 mm; 7 x 23 mm; 8 x 23 mm; 10 x 23 mm; 11 x 23 mm; 12 x 23 mm; 13 x 23 mm
1 x 8796 LA Long Extension Bar: 1/4" x 150 mm
1 x 8794 A Short Extension Bar: 1/4" x 56 mm
1 x 8784 A1 Screwdriver Bit Adaptor: 1/4" x 1/4" x 37 mm
3 x 851/1 Z PH Screwdriver Bits: PH 1 x 25 mm; PH 2 x 25 mm; PH 3 x 25 mm
2 x 855/1 Z PZ Screwdriver Bits: PZ 1 x 25 mm; PZ 2 x 25 mm
6 x 867/1 Z TORX® Screwdriver Bits: TX 10 x 25 mm; TX 15 x 25 mm; TX 20 x 25 mm; TX 25 x 25 mm; TX 27 x 25 mm; TX 30 x 25 mm
4 x 840/1 Z Hex-Plus Screwdriver Bits: 3 x 25 mm; 4 x 25 mm; 5 x 25 mm; 6 x 25 mm

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