8002 C Koloss All Inclusive Set with 1/2" drive

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8002 C Koloss All Inclusive Set with 1/2" drive

Wera KOLOSS ratchet. Designed to be used as both a ratchet and as a hammer.

The extremely robust design of the KOLOSS, makes it nearly impossible to destroy through impact and can transfer torque of at least 600 Nm. The ratchet features a push mechanism which allows for the ratchet to switch direction without having a switching mechanism that could become damaged by hammer blows. Featuring a multi-component Kraftform handle has been optimised for pressure, impact and tensile loads, the handles provides satisfaction for both hammer and ratchet applications. Tubular shaft design minimises impact vibrations for comfortable working. 30 robust saw teeth give the effect of a 60 fine-tooth mechanism, allowing for a 6° return angle thanks to precision engineering. Sockets and accessories can be attached easily onto the 1/2" square socket drive, with a ball lock mechanism that ensures a secure fit of the sockets and accessories onto the ratchet.

The degree of torque can also be increased by the attachment of the Wera Koloss 8002 C extension. Rubber pad attachments allow materials and surfaces to be protected when hammering.


1x 8002 C: (1x) 1/2"x341.0
1x 8782 C: (1x) 2x50.0
1x 8780 C: (1x) 341.0x137
1x 8000 E: (1x) Unlocking Pin
1x 8000 HLF: (1x) Holster

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