3967/9 TX SXL Multicolour HF Stainless 1 L-key set with holding function, stainless

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3967/9 TX SXL Multicolour HF Stainless 1 L key set with holding function, stainless

Wera Stainless steel multicolour L-key set for TORX® screws, stored in a wear-resistant clip for enhanced durability and secure storage of the L-keys. Manufactured from Stainless Steel to prevent the formation of extraneous rust, then vacuum ice-hardened for industrial strength. TORX® with holding function; wedging forces created from the contact pressure between the drive tip and the screw profile, securely hold the screw on the tool, perfect for tight assembly/disassembly situations. Extra-long arm design, for reliable working in difficult installation situations. The round bar design adds strength and robustness to the L-keys - particularly where smaller sizes are concerned.

Thermoplastic sleeves with Take it easy tool finder; ensure the L-keys are easy-to-grip and comfortable to use, even at low temperatures. Fast & easy selection of the required size, thanks to the instantly recognisable colour coded system.

9 TORX® SXL Stainless steel multicolour HF L-keys covering sizes: TX8; TX9; TX10; TX15; TX20; TX25; TX27; TX30; TX40.


9x 3967 SXL HF TORX® L-keys: (1x) TX 8x90; (1x) TX 9x101; (1x) TX 10x112; (1x) TX 15x123; (1x) TX 20x137; (1x) TX 25x154; (1x) TX 27x172; (1x) TX 30x195; (1x) TX 40x224

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