395 HO/7 SM Nutdriver set

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395 HO/7 SM Nutdriver set

Wera 395 Kraftform Hollow Shaft Nutspinner set for Hexagon headed bolts, screws and nuts.

The hollow shaft feature enables the ability to tighten or loosen seized screws or nuts on long threads.

Wera’s Kraftform Plus handle has been designed to fit perfectly into the hand to allow for a fast, comfortable and ergonomic screwdriving experience. The handles hard zones glide like wheels across the hand for high working speeds, while soft zones provide grip to ensure high torque transfer and comfort during intensive use. A hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any unwanted rolling off surfaces at the workplace. The handle features clear symbol and tip size markings making it easy to identify the correct tool for the job.

High grade chrome-plated steel blade for extreme wear resistance & long service life.


Wera 395 HO/7 SM Kraftform Hollow Shaft Nut Driver set, 7 pieces:

7x 395 HO Nut Drivers: 1 x 5 x 90 mm; 1 x 5.5 x 90 mm; 1 x 6 x 90 mm; 1 x 7 x 90 mm; 1 x 8 x 90 mm; 1 x 10 x 90 mm; 1 x 13 x 90 mm

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