391/3 Hose clamp screwdriver set

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391/3 Hose clamp screwdriver set

Wera 391/3 Kraftform Plus Flexible-Shaft Nutspinner set for hexagon headed bolts, screws and nuts.

Wera's multi-component Kraftform handle features hard gripping zones for high working speeds and softer "working" zones that ensure high torque transfer. The flexible shafts allow access to hard-to-reach areas, for easy working in difficult installation situations. Kraftform's hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any unwanted rolling off surfaces at the workplace. Profile & size markings on the handle simplify the selection of the required tool.


391/3 Hose Clamp Set:

3x 391 Hose Clamp Screwdriver: 6 x 167 mm, 7 x 167 mm, 8 x 167 mm

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