334/6 Rack screwdriver set Kraftform Plus Lasertip and rack

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334/6 Rack screwdriver set Kraftform Plus Lasertip and rack

Wera Kraftform Plus screwdriver set with Lasertip technology, the perfect choice for manual screwdriving applications.

Wera’s Kraftform Plus handle has been designed to fit perfectly into the hand to allow for a fast, comfortable and ergonomic screwdriving experience. The handles hard zones glide like wheels across the hand for high working speeds, while soft zones provide grip to ensure high torque transfer and comfort during intensive use. A hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any unwanted rolling off surfaces at the workplace. Lasertip technology on the screwdriver tip "bites" the tip into the screw head to prevent any slipping out from occurring.

“Take it Easy" tool finder stamping on the handle allows rapid and easy identification of the required tool, thanks to a colour-coded output profile and size stamp clearly marked on the top of the handle.

The 6 piece set contains Pozidriv and Slotted screwdrivers that can be easily stored in the rack.


350 PH Phillips: 1 x PH 1x80; 1 x PH 2x100
334 Slotted: 1 x 1,2x6,5x150
335 Slotted: 1 x 0,5x3,0x80 1); 1 x 0,8x4,0x100; 1 x 1,0x5,5x125

1) without Lasertip

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