2090/17 Impact driver set

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2090/17 Impact driver set

To loosen and tighten screws without the use of power tools simply by the force of the impact. The Wera impact drivers have a particularly high efficiency thanks to their robust, double-curved design. Impact forces are converted into rotary motion. The use of compressed air equipment becomes unnecessary. The robust textile box offers a very compact storage option for these high quality tools.


1x 2090/17 Impact driver set, 17 pieces; 1x 2090 Impact driver 90 Nm, 5/16" x 142 mm; 2x 851/2 Z bits: PH 2x32, PH 3x32; 1x 851/2 Z bits, PH 4 x 32 mm; 1x 800/2 slotted bits, 2 x 12 x 41 mm; 4x 840/2 Z Bits: 5x30, 6x30, 8x30, 10x30; 1x 840/2 hexagon Bits, 7 x 30 mm; 5x 867/2 Z TORX® bits: TX 30x35, TX 40x35, TX 45x35, TX 50x35, TX 55x35; 2x 870/2 Adaptor: 3/8"x5/16", 1/2"x5/16"

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