1550/6 ESD Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications

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1550/6 ESD Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications

Wera Kraftform Micro ESD screwdriver set, made for precision working.

When working with electronic components it is essential to use tools with ESD protection as electrostatic discharge causes malfunctions and can cause complete failure of the component. Wera Kraftform Micro ESD screwdrivers provide protection against electrostatic energy while working with electronic components. The electrical surface resistance of ? 10^? ohm, meets the European standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 and even more stringent requirements made by technology companies.

Kraftform Micro screwdriver handles have various working zones (fast-turning, power, precision) - The fast-turning zone below the rotating cap allows for rapid twisting and fast working capabilities. The power zone with integrated soft zones near the blade tip ensures high torque transfer when loosening or tightening screws. The precision zone directly above the blade allows the user to find the right rotation angle easier during fine adjustment work. A Wera Black Point tip goes through a refined hardening process to ensure a long service life of the tip. The tip provides enhanced corrosion protection and a perfect fit into the screw head.

This set contains 6 Kraftform Micro ESD screwdrivers covering profile and sizes: PH 000; PH 00; PH 0; SL 0.25 x 1.2; SL 0.35 x 2.5; mx40.


1550 PH Micro1 x PH 000x40 1); 1 x PH 00x40 1); 1 x PH 0x40
1578 A Micro 1 x 0,25x1,2x40; 1 x 0,35x2,5x40
1572 ESD 1 x mx40



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