7440/41/42 Kraftform torque screwdriver set 0.3-6.0 Nm

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7440/41/42 Kraftform torque screwdriver set 0.3 6.0 Nm

Wera adjustable torque screwdriver set, inclusive of three torque screwdrivers, with torque ranges from 0.3-6.0 Nm. Exactly precise to ± 6% for accurate clockwise torque-controlled tightening, with unlimited torque to loosen seized screws. Distinctive Wera design, with multi-component Kraftform handles; featuring hard zones for rapid working speeds, and softer gripping zones that ensure higher torque transfer and extreme comfort during intensive use. Easy setting and saving of desired torque values, with an easy-to-read scale. When the set torque value is reached, an audible release mechanism triggers, preventing any chance of overtightening. Rapidaptor technology quick-release chuck for rapid bit change, the perfect companion for bits the included.

27 piece set stored in a robust, stable plastic case. Bits cover profiles TORX®, IP TORX PLUS® & Hex-Plus.


1x 7440 Kraftform torque screwdriver: 1/4"x155 (0.3-1.2 Nm)
1x 7441 Kraftform torque screwdriver: 1/4"x155 (1.2-3.0 Nm)
1x 7442 pistol-grip torque screwdriver: 1/4"x150 (3.0-6.0 Nm)
9x 867/1 TZ TORX® Bits: TX 6x25; TX 7x25; TX 8x25; TX 9x25; TX 10x25; TX 15x25; TX 20x25; TX 25x25; TX 30x25
9x867/1 Z IP TORX PLUS® Bits: 6 IPx25; 7 IPx25; 8 IPx25; 9 IPx25; 10 IPx25; 15 IPx25; 20 IPx25; 25 IPx25; 30 IPx25
6x 840/1 Z Hex-Plus Bits: 2.0x25; 2.5x25; 3.0x25; 4.0x25; 5.0x25; 6.0x25

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