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Wera 2019 Advent Calendar - Limited Stock

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Looking for the perfect gift for a Wera Tool Rebel? Look no further! 

The Wera 2019 Advent Calendar contains professional tools for 20 different applications. 

We have a VERY LIMITED number left in stock.

The iconic Wera Advent calendar celebrates its 10th birthday

Contains professional tools for 20 different applications

Includes two-component cross-handle with great leverage.

Including a compact, two-part Stubby bit holder, which makes it easy to work in confined spaces.

With corkscrew and bottle opener in an irresistible design.

The 2019 Wera Advent calendar combines new products for true screwdriving fun with proven problem solving tools with professional quality.

The new cross handle sits comfortably in the hand. Its two-component nature ensures a secure and firm grip. The cross-grip geometry enables a particularly high level of leverage.

The integrated bit quick-change 'Rapidaptor' holder offers full flexibility in screwdriving uses and a lightning-fast, secure change of the required tool. Also new: the small Stubby bit holder, which can also be used in compact installation spaces.

The integrated magnetic holder is also extremely small and gives the user the full choice of screwdriving bits.

The included bits, sockets and socket adapters make the advent calendar a set that offers a wide variety of screwdriving solutions: 11 x 25 mm bits and 6 x 50 mm bits with special corrosion protection in the following profiles; flat-head, hexagon socket, TORX®, Phillips PH and PZ; 3 sockets with Take it easy tool finder and 1 socket adapter, so that the cross-handle and Stubby holders can also be used for sockets.

Key Features

This fantastic set includes:

1 x T-Handle Corkscrew

1 x Bottle Opener

1 x 416 R T-handle Rapidaptor

1 x 801 1/4in x 10mm Handle

1 x 870/1 1/4in x 25mm Adaptor

BTZ bits

2 x 851/1 bits: PH 1 x 25mm; PH 2 x 25mm

2 x 855/1 bits: PZ 2 x 25mm; PZ 1 x 25mm

3 x 867/1 TORX® bits: TX 15 x 25mm; TX 20 x 25mm; TX 25 x 25mm

3 x 867/4 TORX® bits: TX 25 x 50mm; TX 30 x 50mm; TX 40 x 50mm

3 x 840/1 bits: 3.0 x 25mm; 4.0 x 25mm; 5.0 x 25mm

3 x 840/4 bits: 4.0 x 50mm; 5.0 x 50mm; 6.0 x 50mm

1 x 800/1 bits, 0.8 x 5.5 x 25mm

HMA Zyklop 1/4in Sockets

1 x 8.0 x 23.0mm

1 x 10.0 x 23.0mm

1 x 13.0 x 23.0mm



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