Kraftform Kompakt 50

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Why is the right tool so often not at hand? The reason is carrying many tools at once in overly-heavy tool bags can be bothersome. Wera Kraftform Kompakt series is a game changer. Providing tool kits for a wide range of applications, all stored within a minimum of space.

Wera Kraftform Kompakt 50, compact screwdriver set with 12 tough absorbing bits designed to prevent premature wear, suitable for both manual and power tool applications. Multi-component Kraftform bit-holding handle fits perfectly into the hand, with hard zones that glide across the hand allowing for rapid working speeds, whilst softer gripping zones ensure greater torque transfer and extreme comfort during intensive use. Telescopic blade with Rapidaptor technology can retracted, extended and removed for use in a power tool. The Rapidaptor technology allows for rapid-in and rapid-out bit change, with rapid-spin sleeve for steady screwdriving.

Kraftform Kompakt -Providing greater mobility, flexibility and versatility.


1x 817 R bit-holding handle: (1x) 1/4"x133
1x 889/4 R: (1x) 1/4"x100
2x 851/1 Z PH: (1x) PH 1x25; (1x) PH 2x25
2x 855/1 Z PZ: (1x) PZ 1x25; (1x) PZ 2x25
6x 867/1 Z TORX® BO: (1x) TX 10x25; (1x) TX 15x25; (1x) TX 20x25; (1x) TX 25x25; (1x) TX 30x25; (1x) TX 40x25
2x 800/1 Z: (1x) 0.6x4.5x25; (1x) 1.0x5.5x25

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