1367/6 TORX® screwdriver set Kraftform Comfort

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1367/6 TORX® screwdriver set Kraftform Comfort

Wera 1367/6 Kraftform Comfort screwdriver for TORX® screws.

Two-component Kraftform handle for extreme comfort during intensive use and increased torque transfer. High quality "bit material" blades ensure extreme wear resistance. Wera Black Point screwdriver tips go through a refined hardening process to ensure a long service life of the tip, provide an exact fit in the screw head and give enhanced corrosion protection. Kraftform's hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents the screwdriver from rolling off a surface at the workplace. The base of the handle also features clear symbol and tip size markings making it easy to identify the correct tool for the job.

This set contains 6 Kraftform comfort screwdrivers covering TORX® sizes: TX 10; TX 15; TX 20; TX 25; TX 30; TX 40.


6x 367 TORX®: (1x) TX 10x80; (1x) TX 15x80; (1x) TX 20x100; (1x) TX 25x100; (1x) TX 30x115; (1x) TX 40x130

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