Sleek, sexy and now available (for a limited time) – the Red Bull Racing Tools range are the latest must have for your tool box.

Each car is a technological masterpiece filled with all kinds of wizardry many of us fail to even think about as we watch a race unfold.  Every part and component working in perfect harmony to create a fighter jet on wheels.

So when the guys over at Red Bull Racing decided to work with Wera and create a range of tools, we were super keen to try them out.

Right away it is clear that Red Bull Racing have applied the same level of detail and design wizardry that goes into their F1 cars, and delivered a range of tools for all motor sport fans who demand high quality, cutting edge technology and superb performance.

But don’t just take our word for it.  You can now purchase the entire range from our website and make huge savings by being a member.  However the range is only available for a limited time only so just like a Red Bull F1 car they’ll being going fast!

Let’s take a look at the line up…

First up is the Micro Screwdriver set which consists of 6 high-quality screwdrivers for electrical and precision engineering.  The set is designed in team colours and features a fast-turning zone and a power zone with integrated soft sections.  This allows for the transfer of high loosening and tightening torque as well as providing a precision zone for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work.  The set comes complete with a rack for tidy storage.

Next we have the 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set offering freely pivoting ratchet heads with 5 predefined locking positions.  For us here at Tool Maniac it is the completely new ratchet set feeling that this set delivers thanks to the unique textile boxes that really sets these ratchets apart from the competition.  Above all else they are extremely robust and durable meaning you can put your trust in them when it matters.

The next product in the range is the Red Bull Racing Tool-Check PLUS, and comprises of a ratchet, bits, sockets, quick-release chuck and an ultra-compact holder.  It includes a bit ratchet for screwdriving jobs where a power tool or conventional hand tools are simply not an option and comes with a quick-release chuck for rapid bit change in the cordless driver.

The next item may be small in size but it delivers big on performance and durability.  The Kraftform compact set comes with 9 screwdriver bits and handle for universal use.  The Torsion design protects against premature wear and the Rapidaptor quick-release chunk is ergonomically designed to allow high working screwdriving speeds.

The range also offers the Red Bull Racing stainless steel screwdriver that comes with 16 bit blades at 89mm.  This set allows for screwdriving by hand or with a cordless driver as the blades can also be directly fitted into the power tool.  The set comes in a practical pouch in the Red Bull Racing design.   

You can also buy the Red Bull Racing Compact Tool that comes with 6 stainless steel screwdriving bits in the handle.  The set allows for both manual operation as well as use with power tool applications.  The bayonet blade can be lowered into the handle thanks to the quick-release chuck, enabling screwdriving in even the most confined working environments.  The Kraftform screwdriver handle provides hard gripping zones for high working speeds and softer zones for high torque transfer. 

Last but by no means least, is the Red Bull Racing 7-piece screwdriver set and rack.  The set comprises of slotted, cross-recess Phillips and Pozidriv screws and the multi-component handle design provides fast and ergonomic screwdriving.  The hexagonal non-roll feature prevents any annoying rolling away and the handle identification markings make it easy to find and sort the tools.   However for us at Tool Maniac it is the lasertip technology that stands out as this set’s coolest feature.  The lasertips literally bite into the bed of the screw, preventing slipping and increases the available torque transfer. 

And so there you have it – The Red Bull Racing tools range is available for you to purchase from our store TODAY and as a member you are able to make huge savings against the RRP.  Don’t forget that the range is available for a limited time only so grab yours today and don’t miss out on this exceptionally cool looking and practical range of tools.