Personally, I’ve always bought the tool storage solution then built up the contents from scratch, finding the right tools, getting the racks for sockets and spanners so that everything has a home.

But some people want the whole shebang in one go; a complete tool set. I was at the NEC for the Classic Car Show and I got talking to a father and son.  The lad had a few fast Fords and was a keen DIY mechanic. He was only 19 but knew what he wanted, a complete set, ready to go. Tool Maniac suggested the one below.

You have to admit this set is pretty impressive with 1,233 pieces, you’d be hard pressed to find anything missing, and with a discount of over £1,100, it represents amazing value for money.

What’s your view? We’d love to hear from our Maniac’s about buying a complete tool set over building one.

Topchest & Rollcab Combination 14 Drawer with Ball Bearing Slides & 1233pc Tool Kit

  • Package includes:• Model No. AP2403
    • Topchest 6 Drawer with Ball Bearing Slides
    • Overall Size (W x D x H): 690 x 465 x 535mm• Model No. AP2408
    • Rollcab 8 Drawer with Ball Bearing Slides
    • Overall Size (W x D x H): 766 x 465 x 960mm

    • 1233pc Tool Kit arranged in 28 Themed Tool Trays.
    • Includes Model No’s: TBT01, TBT02, TBT03, TBT04, TBT05, TBT06, TBT07, TBT08, TBT09, TBT11, TBT12, TBT13, TBT14, TBT15, TBT16, TBT17, TBT18, TBT19, TBT23, TBT24, TBT25, TBT26, TBT27, TBT28, TBT29, TBT30, TBT31, TBT32, TBTB (x2).

    You may also refer to the individual Model No. for full specification
    Warranty Years : 1 year

WAS £2,899.95 SPECIAL PRICE  £1799.95 SAVE £1,100.00

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