What do we want?  The perfect fitted garage, my own man cave!

When do we want it? NOW!

For years we have succumbed to pressure to invest in someone else’s vision of a ‘dream kitchen’, complete with the latest in culinary pyrotechnics and labour-saving technology.  Some of us have been subjected to the torment of an afternoon comparing the merits of encaustic versus terrazzo at the local tile warehouse or endured the torture of feigning interest in the respective virtues of a pair of taps.


Our demands are few:

Secure storage for our expensive tools and equipment in lockable cabinets
Organised space to keep small components instantly to hand
Bulky items, wall mounted to create more usable floor space
Hard wearing, easy to clean surfaces as used by the pros
The right task lighting in exactly the right spot
The right to create a space that we feel totally at home in
Easy-to-access finance making our garage dreams a reality

If you want to be a part of the Tool Maniac revolution have a look at some of the units on special offer right now. You could have your dream garage in no time and our credit facilities will allow you to spread the cost.